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Ultra forumowicz

Dołączył(a): poniedziałek, 16 sty 2012, 22:11
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Osoby które zakupiły Battle Squadron mogą otrzymać zaktualizowaną wersję gry dla RadeonHD.
Wystarczy napisać do Daniela i przesłać w załączniku oryginalny plik wykonywalny gry jako dowód zakupu.

Przetestowałem pozytywnie z RadeonHD 7750 i Radeon R9 280X.

--- Copy & Paste ---

(...) That black-screen issue happens because the HD 7xxx apparently doesn't directly support the Motorola-byte-order 16bit RGB565 bitmap format which Battle Squadron uses to draw the playfield.
Since the AOS4 driver lacks a "compatibility workaround" (= convert it to a Intel-byte-order bitmap internally and use that) this task is now done by BS itself.
Actually the new version contains two render paths now, because on HD 4xxx and 5xxx it's the other way around: there the Intel-byte-order variant doesn't work. The driver author promised to fix the latter soon though.

Alas the original Battle Squadron doesn't feature an auto-update mechanism. My plan is to release a special updater on os4depot soon. If you can't wait for that then please simply send me a mail to battlesquadron at goldencode dot de and attach the original AOS4 executable inside an LHA or ZIP or whatever. I'll send you the fresh version then.
Please don't use the cherry-darling mail address for this! Battle Squadron is no Cherry-Darling game! Instead mail me directly ( battlesquadron at goldencode dot de ).


--- End ---

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PostNapisane: poniedziałek, 15 cze 2015, 10:25 
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Dołączył(a): poniedziałek, 16 sty 2012, 15:14
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Zatem trzeba będzie wysłać maila.

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PostNapisane: środa, 23 lut 2022, 18:52 
Ultra forumowicz
Ultra forumowicz

Dołączył(a): poniedziałek, 16 sty 2012, 22:11
Posty: 1638
Znalezione w sieci ...

1) ... =32#771316

every AOS4 user (who bought it (receipt or exe or photo of the box to prove it)) can send me a mail to
battlesquadron at golden-garbage-code dot de (remove the part "-garbage-" )
and I'll send you the update.
The update includes:

- workaround for black-playfield issue on some RadeonHDs due to the driver lacking support for Motorola-byte-order bitmaps.
- workaround for jerky-mouse and similar issues on recent OS versions
- cut-scenes now available on R100 / R200 systems (before that those were disabled because of guard-band issues with Compositing on such systems, workaround added)
- no more OpenAL related crashs on startup due to a corupt alsoft.conf file in envarc
- new: new tooltype HDR_FIX to manually enforce the black-screen-patch if the auto-detection doesn't work with your RadeonHD driver / SI card combination because CompositeTags returns "success" even on failure.


2) ... =32#771537

This morning one of the guys, Nexus, asking for an update told me that even the new version produced the black-screen issue on his system (Radeon R9 270, Ranger reports it as HD 7800, RadeonHD driver 2.4).
The only guess I had was that the auto-detection I added to the game gave the wrong result, so that the patch wasn't activated.
Turned out I was right

The patch works as follows:
On game's startup a RGBFB_R5G6B5 (BigEndian/Motorola-byte-order) bitmap is created and a test-blit using CompositeTags with COMPFLAG_HardwareOnly is issued to the drawing surface.
If that call returns anything but COMPERR_Success the game switches to "I swizzle the 16bit-pixel-data myself and use RGBFB_R5G6B5PC (little endian) instead, because RGBFB_R5G6B5 doesn't work".

However, on Nexus' machine this call return "success" although it should not...
Therefore the game thinks that the big-endian-bitmaps work and doesn't activate the patch.

So, because with the RadeonHD drivers you apparently cannot rely on the return value of that function depending on the card or version you use, I had no choice but to add yet another workaround, because the auto-detection won't work for everybody.
A new tooltype has been added, in lack of a better name I called it "HDR_FIX":

HDR_FIX=0 (default): auto-detection (the one that fails for Nexus)
HDR_FIX=1 : force little endian (by that it finally works on Nexus' machine)
HDR_FIX=2 : force big endian (for completeness, who knows what other HD variants or future driver versions do)

The people I supplied with the previous version should have received a mail about this issue, but in case I forgot somebody, here you go.

So, the only remaining issue I know about is pretty uncritical:
on some (or all, dunno, I don't have one) SI cards you will see a nice small grey, actually not existing, triangle near the spaceship during the "enter level" animation.
Don't ask me where this comes from, I have no idea and certainly don't paint it. Appears only on SI.

Now, since it finally seems to work for everybody again, I'd say:
happy shooting


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