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Irrlicht Engine Mesh Viewer (OpenGL2.0) - test.
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Autor:  amig_os [ wtorek, 19 lis 2019, 00:22 ]
Tytuł:  Irrlicht Engine Mesh Viewer (OpenGL2.0) - test.

Irrlicht Engine Mesh Viewer (OpenGL2.0):

Kas1e prosi o test:

---- Copy & Paste ---

Also there is some test compiled to try it out on x1000 or sam on on other x5000, to be sure that all works fine on any big-endian machine, plz try it:

Unpack it to any place, run form shell, it will give list of drivers to choice , choice "a" (opengl).

Then in the test itself, choice in menu via mouse "File / Open Model & Texture". There choice from directory "ms3d" any model you want to test: zombie, farma2 or gun. In that directory you need to choice ".ms3d" file to load, so it will load mesh and associated images with (for sake of fun in "gun" one, you can also choice to load "hud.x").

If someone can test if all works on x1000 and on sam460 and on tabor, that will mean that big-endian changes are fine.

Thanks !

--- End ---

Na AmigaOne X1000 & AmigaOne X5000 działa OK.

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