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Wrapper EGL OpenGLES 2.0 - (c) HunoPPC
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Autor:  amig_os [ czwartek, 15 wrz 2016, 10:39 ]
Tytuł:  Wrapper EGL OpenGLES 2.0 - (c) HunoPPC


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I'm working on a wrapper EGL OpenGLES 2.0 that will allow us to make portages or creations easily.
The goal is easy integration into an existing engine.
Currently it works well and allows you to run almost all demos provided in OpenGLES 2.0 samples (Just 2 demos unsupported by NOVA on native functions)
This library is still in beta and is not considered stable.
It begins to allow to run a minimum OpenGLES 2.0 via EGL
I need beta testers to find potential bugs and also try to fully optimize this wrapper.
I know it is not easy to find developers and especially the time to work with. I am sure that NOVA can allow us to take off our AmigaNG I believe in strongly and I believe what I see, according to tests conducted by myself I concluded that there really the power under the hood.
Hans made a sacred work and trying to get things done but many have left the ship and no longer believe in the AmigaNG unfortunately.
If you are interested to get things contact me by mail to nouvel.hugues (AT)

All new features will be added in the future:
The key is that in the end we can do portages, creation of new games, etc .. démomaking for our machine as simply as possible without taking the head and re-learn a new library

The library supports virtually all functions of opengles.library simplifying to the maximum to avoid that complicate life
- Full keyboard support
- The joypad support (lowlevel.library) in writing yard of a sample code
- The window mode
- Full screen mode
- Limit fps (option in GUI reaction)
- Frame rate display function (option in GUI reaction)
- Selection Screen depth (option in GUI reaction)
- Vsync (option in GUI reaction)
- Iist of screen (option in GUI reaction)
- PNG Image natively with alpha
- Uncompressed TGA image with alpha
- MiniGlutES planed (for ease glut OpenGLES view)
- Sound Effects via datatype planed

You must of course have the thumb Enhancer beta test pack because I would supply my library egl_wrap, thank you for your understanding

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Autor:  amig_os [ sobota, 1 lip 2017, 14:05 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Wrapper EGL OpenGLES 2.0 - (c) HunoPPC

Library EGL_wrapper beta1 DEV KIT and DEMOS:

Download: ...

Tak to wygląda w działaniu:

Autor:  amig_os [ niedziela, 11 lut 2018, 18:31 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Wrapper EGL OpenGLES 2.0 - (c) HunoPPC

Library EGL_wrapper beta2 DEV KIT and DEMOS:

Download: ... -beta2.lha

Autor:  amig_os [ niedziela, 11 lut 2018, 19:37 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Wrapper EGL OpenGLES 2.0 - (c) HunoPPC

Porównałem przyrost skoku numeracji: beta1 vs beta2 i otrzymałem: - 0.7.1 (May 4 2017 at 22:09:01) beta 1 - 0.7.3 (Feb 11 2018 at 12:16:23) beta 2

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