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AmigaOne, AmigaOS4 - oprawa graficzna.
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Autor:  amig_os [ czwartek, 17 sty 2019, 21:49 ]
Tytuł:  AmigaOne, AmigaOS4 - oprawa graficzna.

Kevin Saunders jest entuzjastą komputerów AmigaOne oraz etatowym grafikiem AmigaOS4.

Jest odpowiedzialny za:

X5000 - Bootscreen

The AmigaOne X5000 Bootscreen, could possibly make the source files available so people can see how it was created. Also could post other designs that got scrapped in favour of this one :) ... F_mini.gif

Amiga X5000 - LED Frontpanel Design

Before the Amiga X5000 came out, I created this design concept showing various designs.
One day might investigate what it would take to create a custom LED panel for the X5000.
Maybe one use of the XMOS Chip? ... ns_v01.png

Reklamy produktów A-EON

Concept for a DV Player for the AmigaOS


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